Drugging You into Submission

Amphetamines are socially accepted popular drugs that are quickly discovered in all parts of society. You may state that can't hold true, consider how horrible Methamphetamine is, the number of lives it has messed up and think of all the state sponsored Meth tasks. This has to do with a very close relative of the terrible drug sweeping our nation, Amphetamine/speed, is with us, it is encouraged, the government desires its usage mandated and the medical recommends it often (about 30,000,000 times in 2014, accurate statistics seem to be tough to discover). Speed is prescribed to any ages, people of all social backgrounds and financial capabilities. Medically recommended speed, comprises about 50 % of the speed used in the U.S., so the overall numbers of illegal and legal speed type drug users in the United States is very large (just double the 30 million). Amphetamine type drug use/abuse is not separated to the U.S., it is a world problem, despite the fact that the United States does produce and consume more than 80 % of all the speed on the planet.

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Why are drugs so popular, don't we have a war on drugs and exactly what about simply state "no" to drugs?

In the early 1980s, "simply state no to drugs" was an anti-drug motto promoted by the popular president and at the same time that administration imported tons of controlled substances into the United States, without any thought of future unfavorable social repercussions (check-out Iran Contra). In the early 1980s that popular president was the most significant drug dealer in the world which is the most direct government promotion of drugs possible. He put inexpensive drugs on the streets and he likewise began with "The War On Drugs" (I guess he didn't want competition).

The Pharmaceutical branch of the medical market makes semi-truck loads of cash from producing and selling/pushing drugs to the U.S., the world. Profits from the sale of drugs to deal with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and the symptoms shown by individuals having difficulty living in our hurried, complex, fragmented society, make up an important part of these truck-loads of cash. In one of my old articles with the very same title, I tell of an effort backed by G. W. Bush that would mandate Psychological screening for "all" school aged children and if the child/student failed the test, they would be recommended a drug to attend to the ADD/ADHD symptoms the testing was developed to find. That initiative did not go away and it is still bobbing around in the sea of political cash supporting Washington, D.C.

Off-shoots of this effort unsuccessfully surfaced in a few states and California has recently successfully enacted a law that could/would require student drugging without parental approval. I am sure that ADD/ADHD was foremost on the minds of the fine political leaders who pushed for and lobbied for the law, together with the Flu Injection of course. The medical will need to purchase a few more trucks to manage the enhanced earnings made from this future federal government mandated drugging. ADD/ADHD can be successfully treated with alternative treatment techniques. I and many others have individual experience with that. You have to understand that as soon as the trucks are purchased, they have to be filled.

That may sound like a no-brainer statement, but many do think that enlightenment, knowledge, super powers, whatever can be found in drugs. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) goes to fantastic lengths, showing that knowledge, enlightenment and very powers cannot and will not be found in drugs. Psychotropic type (speed) drugs, if taken for an extended duration of time do cause a decrease in broad range IQ testing and a decline in reaction time performance (reaction time increases, gets worse).

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